8 Best Outdoor Toys for Kids in 2020

Kids are often stuck indoors because they like to play video games on their smartphones or some other devices. Playing indoors and not getting any exercise and fresh air isn’t so healthy for the kids. According to the latest research, kids are gaining weight and are getting sluggish and lazy because of playing indoors. It is ideal to buy gifts for kids that can take them outdoors to get some workout. We have gathered some great outdoor toys for your kids that can you’re your kids busy and engaged in the garden area of your home. 

Kids, especially young girls, love to play the game of pretending, and their game can get more exciting and fun if they are provided with a princess castle. FoxPrint comes with a new and innovative designed princess castle tent that can make your kids get engrossed in the game for hours. Princess Castle can enchant and mesmerize the kids of any age, and they can imagine being in a wonderland. Even adults can find it interesting to hide in the cute castle, and it can be an excellent tent for parents and kids to play together. Princess Castle can easily fit in 2 to 3 kids inside the tent and the kids can have a spacious place to have fun inside.

Princess Castle comes with a lot of delightful features that are sure to blow the mind of the kids. The fascinating stars that glow in the dark light make it a mesmerizing and breathtaking sight during the night. The kids feel as if they are in some fairyland. The door has a roll-up design, and it can close and open up with a single touch. The best part about Princess Castle is that it is flexible and can be easily folded and stored inside a small area. The toy castle comes stored inside a carry case that makes it easy for your kids to carry and move the tent wherever they want to. Kids can also take it along with them if they are planning a picnic with their friends. 


·      It can enhance the imagination and creativity in the kids’ minds
·      Perfect for a fun adventure in the garden area
·      Gives the kids their privacy
·      Fast and convenient assembling
·      The tent is made of good quality material


·      Might not be suitable if your kids are boys

The small-sized slide can be the best kind of slipping slide for kids under five years old. The slide is preferable for kids who are beginners in sliding and are younger. The slide is just three inches and can accommodate more youthful kids. The slide can be a perfect toy for your toddlers who have just begun to crawl around the house. The slide allows them to play in the outdoor area of your home. It is made with durable materials and can quickly be passed on and used by the siblings. The plastic made slide is easy and convenient to clean, and you don’t have to worry about the color or surface being destroyed because of the cleaning process.

The slide is perfect for playing indoors and outdoors both. It has an excellent grip and is not high for the toddlers. The kids can steadily crawl and slide away, and you don’t have to worry about their safety. You can decide the landing of your kids because after sliding, the kids would land to a surface. The landing should preferably be made with a soft material. A gentle and soft padded cloth or foam could be perfect for their landing. You can latch the steps of the slides quickly and can store it inside when you are not using it. It comes in two bright colors, blue and red, and you can choose the one that your kid likes. 


·      The slide is perfect for toddlers
·      It is compact and can be stored in a small area
·      Kids can use the slide both outdoors and indoors
·      You don’t have to use any extra tools to fold down the slide
·      Easy to assemble


·      You must follow some safety tips while using the slide

When the climate is hot, there is nothing more fun than playing splash in the water. The splashy pond from step 2 can allow your kids to have a fun time in the heated weather. If your kids are into water adventures, then this pond water table can be your perfect pick. The kids can have fun while sailing their little toys in the pond and can create a fun story of their own. The pond water table can keep the kids busy and engaged for an indefinite period because they will have the option to play different kinds of games using the pond.

The most exciting feature of this pond table is that it comes with a lot of cute accessories and toys that your kids can sail inside the water pond. Three buckets are also available so that your kids can quickly pour in the water inside the pond. The top tray makes the pond fun because it can create showers. The pieces of the maze are moveable, and they can make this little toy an exciting and fun water pond to play with. The drainage of the water pond is simple. You have to press the plug at the top to drain away water. The water tank table is fun to play, and several kids can play with it at the same time.


·      It is made with durable material
·      An entertaining toy to engage children
·      Easy drainage system
·      A safe water toy to play with


·      Some people say that the water pond is hard to assemble
·      The pond is useless during the winters

4. Intex Royal Castle Baby Pool,48" x 48", for Ages 1-3

If your kids like to play outside in the summers, the Intex Royal Baby pool is the best option for your kids. The pool can make it possible for your kids to have outdoor entertainment. When the weather is warm, and the kids are feeling stuffy and hot inside the house, then this outdoor pool can be their savior. Your children can lie down in this pool and can feel like they are swimming in a royal setting.

The padding in the pool allows the kids to rest comfortably inside the pool. The baby pool can be a great idea to teach your kids about pool safety, and you can make them aware of the precautions they need to take if they are swimming in a real pool. You don’t have to tip the pool over because the drainage system of the pool is excellent. If the kids want to relax and have some fun during their summer holidays, this pool can allow them to have a fun activity.

The pool is spacious enough to accommodate the kids and even the adults. The whole family can have fun together while playing in the pool. If the sun is intense and it is a hot summer day, and you don’t want your kids to avoid the sun rays, then this baby pool is ideal for you. It comes with a built-in shade that allows your kids to avoid the sunlight. The castle-like shape of the pool gives the baby pool a royal and classy feel. The large window design on each side of the pool makes it possible to keep the outside environments visible. 


·      Perfect baby pool for toddlers and kids above 18 months
·      It comes with a repair kit
·      Available at an affordable price
·      Perfect for a fun pool activity during the spring season
·      The baby pool has a Long life


·      The castle deflates after a few months 

The picnic table is an incredible and fun place for the kids to hang out with their friends. The outdoor toy comes with some fantastic features and lets your kids enjoy their picnic time. The rock climbing wall is the most exciting area for athletic kids. It is more entertaining as compared to an average ladder and can make the kids joyful and happy ash tey climb the wall. The wall is challenging to climb, and it promotes motivation and muscle strength in your children. The handles are made of metal and have a good grip so that your kids are safe while climbing the wall. The monkey bars are fun, and your kids can hang on the bars and have a fun time.

The bars can build strength in the body of children and promotes coordination and skills in their personality. The metal ladder is made up of sturdy materials, and it doesn’t roll when the kids are using it. The fun part is that it also has built-in swings that can entertain the kids endlessly. The Skyfort can delight kids of various ages and can even be entertaining and fun for adults. The playset is perfect for an outdoor play activity, and your kids would get excited to call their friends over at the weekends. The playset allows the children to explore various adventures and play different kinds of games. The extensive features make it one of the best playsets for kids of all ages. The manufacturers of the playset have developed it in a way so that your kids stay safe and protected while they play with it. The climbing on the monkey bars and the rock climbing wall is secure, and you can rest assured that your kids are safe while playing with the playset.

·      The playset offers an elevated range of games
·      Perfect for children who love adventures
·      Can be a great picnic spot for your kids
·      Comes with a lot of accessories


·      Read the instructions thoroughly to ensure the safety of your kids
·      The wood of the swing set is not durable 

If you have toddlers at home, especially twins, then having Little Tikes Spiralin’ Seas Water park table will keep them and their hands busy. When they are playing the parents can do other important work without worrying about them. The water table has a height of about 31.5 inches, which is perfect for engaging the little ones. It’s light in weight and easy to be transported from one area to the other. The best thing is that it won’t be taking much space in your living room or bedroom where ever you like to put it. The fun water table comes packed with a water cup, and there are five balls of different characters placed inside.

The toddlers can play and splash water on each other and take a dive within using the innovative and stylish Ferris wheel. Many parents who are already using this product have shared that it is a good toy when it comes to learning a lot of things. It will promote hand and eye coordination and keep the mind active. The repair of this water table is easy, and the parents can do it themselves without taking help from an expert. No matter how long you use, it won't get affected easily. The quality of the product is durable and made with high-quality materials to entice your toddlers.

·      The water table comes packed with many fun characters
·      There are drop balls which move from upside down
·      The Ferris wheel is exciting as the balls can move up and scoop down
·      You can fill the cups with water to increase the fun element


·      There should be more than one water cup
·      The water table could be more engaging if some other exciting features are added into it

If your kids are bored and they don’t have anything exciting to do at home, you should purchase an Intex Dinosaur Inflatable play center. Sometimes due to a busy schedule, it might not be convenient to take the kids out frequently. All you can do is that transform your backyard or home garden into an island adventure. They can play with a lot of fun and will be engaged for hours, and if the summers are going on, then this water game can keep them cool too. There is an exciting game that is featured inside this play center as the kids have to work with unique strategies and keep feeding the hungry dinosaur. Such activities can keep their mind active, and no doubt can increase the level of intelligence too. There are built-in sprayers that can be installed within the garden without any issues. 

Six fun balls are creatively designed to make this make exciting and fun-filled. The drain plug is convenient to use, while the repair patch can help you repair this product without any issues. There is a unique manual given with it, which is easy to understand, and you can install it without any problems. The waterfall is fascinating, and your child can sit inside, and the water will keep falling for as much time as they want. It can hold a lot of water capacity inside, and the children will feel like they are swimming inside a pool. There is a shoe storage area within this play center, and the children can easily store their shoes inside while they are playing. The repair kit for this play center has many tools, and in case there is a defect, it can be repaired at home as well.


      ·     It is light in weight and compact
      ·      Can hold a lot of water inside
·            ·      There are a fun game and interesting characters
·            ·      The mat inside is soft and gentle for the skin of children


·            ·       It may not be long-lasting and start malfunctioning after some time

Do you often feel that your kids are bored at home and as soon as summer vacations arrive you need to look for some activities for them? Due to the busy schedule, parents cannot stay with the children all the time, so looking for something which can make them feel excited should be a duty. You can purchase a jump and slide bounce house for them, which is easy to inflate and deflate. Place it in your home garden or even backyard, and it will keep your kids busy while you can do your important tasks without any interruption. You can call up their friends and arrange a fun water spot. The best thing is that little tike’s bounce house has an ample space that can fit in many children in an instant.

The bounce house is designed in the structure of a home, and there is a fun slide attached to it as well. The house is easy to install and can be inflated or deflated in a minute without taking much of your effort. You can fold it and store it anywhere you like, as it doesn’t take much of space either. The jumpy castle-like structure can give a visually appealing touch to your home garden. You can use it for a long time, and the best quality is that it won’t wear or tear easily. The matt that is used in the manufacturing of this blow house is very soft and gentle for the kids. No matter how many hours they bounce, they will feel comfortable and happy.

·            ·       Perfect for the age of 3-8-year-old kids
·            ·       The size is not massive, and you can easily carry it
·            ·       Easy to store and install
·            ·       Kids will love this blow house as it has exciting games inside

·            ·       The bounce storage bag should have been bigger
·            ·       The repair kit needs to be better and have more repair tools

There are plenty of outdoor toys for kids available in the market, and choosing a good one can be quite challenging. There are so many things you need to see before buying one, and no matter what, the safety and protection of the child is the first and foremost duty of the parents. Here are some essential features you need to look for before buying the best outdoor toys for kids.


The outdoor toys are designed in such a way that they increase the level of intelligence and expertise in your child. Before selecting a toy, you have to decide what kind of skills you need them to learn, but of course, the age of your child will be the key here. If the toy can gain the attention of the kid and they stay engrossed, that means you have selected a good toy. A well-designed toy with some games will help your child look for ways in which they can keep their mind active.

Taste and preference
Before selecting one of the best outdoor toys for your child, you have to keep in mind their tastes and preferences. You won’t like to bore them with something they are not interested in. Something unreal or irrelevant for their needs would instead make them fussy as they won’t be able to enjoy what you have bought for them. You have to understand the likes and dislikes of your children before getting something essential for them too.

Age and maturity level

There is no doubt that the likes and dislikes of children keep changing according to their age and maturity level. You have to keep this well in mind before getting some toys for them. The outdoor toys you are buying need to match their age and maturity level. Some outdoor toys are designed in such a way that they can gain the attention of every child no matter what their preference or age is.


Rather than keeping your child busy or entertained, the outdoor toys should also hold other meaningful features. They should suit the needs of both parents and children alike. Outdoor activities can be a lot of fun and kill the boredom of the child. When they play in the fresh air and sun, their mind will be relaxed.

Easy to operate

The outdoor toys which are challenging to install and understand should be kept out of the list. You should pick the ones which are light in weight and easy to store. The messy house doesn’t look good in any way. If the toy has such elements which can make your comfort level go down the drain shouldn’t be purchased. Some outdoor toys can easily be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner, but this may not be the case with every toy. Look for something durable so it can be long-lasting, and you don’t have to spend your money frequently.

Easy to clean

Whenever kids are playing together, they tend to make the toys dirty either by spilling something on it or by putting some dust through their feet. You should look for such an outdoor toy which is easy to clean. Generally, if you use a detergent or a soap and clean the inside mat with warm water, it will clean easily. A little piece of sponge can work well too, and if you still don't understand how to clean it, then read the manual, which has many instructions inside it.

Durable and economical

These are two crucial things that every parent should have in mind before buying some outdoor toys for their kids. A durable and economical choice will keep their child happy and their worries away. There are plenty of toys which come in different shapes and size, but in the end, it’s the quality, durability, and functionality which matters the most.


When you have some of the best outdoor toys for your kids, it can be an advantageous move. Your kids can develop both mentally and physically and become more interactive with the surroundings. The outdoor toys are known to be fun and exciting and can kill the boredom quickly. The collection of outdoor toys will make sure that your kid can spend some quality time outdoors while the skills and freshness of mind are at its peak. We have selected some of the best toys for your convenience, and it’s up to you what you want to choose for your children. The best choice would be something which boasts of high quality and affordable price.
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